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By alex

‘Sharon dress’

A new illustration from SS 16 Collection: ‘Sharon dress': Salmon embroidered organza dress with wings. Illustration by Aleksandra Habib

By alex

We are in Vogue!

We are pleased to announce that Vogue.co.uk has featured our AW16 collection. You can find us in the Fashion Shows category at www.vogue.co.uk .

By alex

Celebrity moment

We are really looking forward to Sarah Harding wearing one of our outfits to Batman vs Superman premier tonight!

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By alex

Spring/Summer 2016 is right behind the corner!

I am very excited to lounge my new Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The spring-summer story is inspired by bright and sunny childhood memories, romanticism and a life-long love of Paris and the French Riviera.  Luxury undulates at the centre of this collection conveyed by the designer’s trademark eye for fabrics, colour and texture. Catriona is utterly […]

By eoin

Watch! Catriona Hanly debuts her fashion line

Watch Catriona talking RTE through her two debut collections for spring/summer and autumn/winter, which boast stunning, high quality materials, feminine and flattering cuts and dashings of glamour.

By eoin

Catriona Hanly Couture

Catriona always thought that her life in the world of design would eventually lead her to share her greatest passions with the world whether it is working with Interiors, Jewellery or any of her other creative incarnations! Catriona’s journey so far has a common theme and that is that she never sought to move too […]

By eoin

Treasure Chest

With collections to rival most boutiques, five accessories addicts let us take a peek at their secret stash. What is it about accessories that hook women? You rarely hear someone saying, “God, I have such a cardigan problem. I literally can’t walk past a shop without going in to try one on”, but you hear it […]